poetry books

Art And The Art Of Misogyny, is a tongue in cheek take on the relationship of artist and muse in five narrative poems. Each poem is a mixture of art history, experience, hearsay, gossip and fiction. You can accept it irreverent humour or engage in the poems subtext, it really doesn't matter. This is meant as poetry to entertain and if so desired, deep and meaningful projection.

The Dead Centre Of The Universe & Other Places, is a series of poems inspired by the poet returning home to the small mining town where he grew up.     

Muse is erotic poetry both from the speaker's point of view and from the perspective of an artist's muse. The poems are both experience and fictions but it is difficult to say where experience ends and fiction starts. The poems are celebratory, lusty, cynical and love weary, these poems are sexual relationships with daggers.

Back To The Wall And Other Poems is in three parts. The first section, after which the collection is titled, is a short series of poems about the writer returning to the urban labyrinth of his youth and the industrial decline from which encounters with the opposite sex was a temporary escape.