You can read my poem Olivetti in Amsterdam Quarterly online and at the end of the year in the printed journal.

You can read my poem Meat in  Expanded Field Journal 


The Artist's Hand (Art And The Art Of Misogyny is a narrative poem full of dark humour about the rise and fall during the career of an artist who paints nudes. How age and a changing world defeats him.


excerpt: the trouble with evolution


contact me if you would be interested in a copy.

The Dead Centre Of The Universe And Other Places is a collection of poems that were written over the years but never really fitted into any other project. These poems have been centred around a series of poems written about the poet’s arrival in Leeuwarden. Places, memories and musings.


sample poem: old fart


contact me if you would be interested in a copy.

Muse is erotic poetry both from the speaker's point of view and from the perspective of an artist's muse. The poems are both experience and fictions but it is difficult to say where experience ends and fiction starts. The poems are celebratory, lusty, cynical and love weary, these poems are sexual relationships with daggers.


sample poem: Maggie


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audio poems                           

                           back to the wall


              three short poems    

                         the big idea

                         behind glass