Ice, Snow, and the Conquest of Green Spaces with Prestige Property Services

When the Snow Queen descends upon East Amherst and Clarence, unfurling her white cloak on your driveway, who you gonna call? No, not Ghostbusters. Although that would add an extra dose of entertainment, ‘Prestige Property Services of WNY’, is the real deal! Crushing the fierce winter crypts with their expert snow removal services, fear no snowfall, for they’re your winter warriors.

Let the Green Show in Tonawanda and Hamburg!

Is your backyard jungl-ier than an actual jungle? Well, worry not! Rejoice Tonawanda and Hamburg residents! Our professional Landscaping services are here to transform it into a suburban paradise, right at your doorstep. Frederick Law Olmsted would be envious!

Oh wait, Grand Island residents, we haven’t forgotten about you. We know keeping a lush, green carpet of a lawn isn’t your favorite weekend pastime. Prestige Property Services to the rescue! Kickback, sip that lemonade, and watch as we work our lawn care magic.

Concrete Wonders in Amherst

A driveway that’s more like crater central? Amherst dwellers, we’ve heard your woes and we come bearing solutions! Our expert Concrete Contractors are all set to turn that rugged drive into a smooth sailing experience. Ready for the prestige makeover?