Debunking Myths Surrounding Furnace Repair and Replacement

People tend to have a lot of misconceptions when it comes to furnace repair, furnace service, and furnace replacement services. And J. A. Sauer Heating & Air Conditioning is here to dispel some of these myths. Here we address some common misunderstandings people in the areas of Wexford, Sewickley, Pittsburgh, and Cranberry Township, PA, often have.

Myth 1: You Only Need to Replace Your Furnace Filter Once a Year

If you think that replacing your furnace filter once a year is enough, then you are falling for a common myth. In reality, most professionals, including the team at J. A. Sauer, advise homeowners to replace their filters every three months at least. This frequency could increase depending on the air quality and other factors in your home.

Myth 2: The Bigger the Furnace, the Better the Heat

Not true at all! A larger furnace does not necessarily mean that you’ll have a cozier home. The size of your furnace should correspond with the size of your property. A too-large furnace tends to heat quickly, but then turns off before your home is evenly heated, resulting in inconsistent indoor temperatures. Consulting with a professional for a furnace service can help ensure a proper fit.

Myth 3: All Furnace Repair Companies are the Same

Another myth that needs to be debunked is that all furnace repair services are the same. This couldn’t be further from the truth. The quality of service varies greatly from one provider to another. You’ll need to look for a reputable company known for high standards and exceptional customer service. For instance, J. A. Sauer Heating & Air Conditioning is recognized for their excellence in heater installation & heating repair in Cranberry Township, PA.

Myth 4: Professional Furnace Maintenance isn’t Important

Regular professional furnace maintenance is vital to ensure the longevity and optimal performance of your heating unit. It’s not enough just to call professionals when there’s a breakdown. Routine maintenance can help identify and fix minor issues before they turn into expensive repairs or require complete replacement.

At the end of the day, steering clear of these myths can help you maintain a comfortable and warm home throughout the colder months without any hassles. If you need any help related to furnace repair, service, or replacement in areas like Wexford, Sewickley, Pittsburgh, or Cranberry Township, PA, don’t hesitate to contact J. A. Sauer Heating & Air Conditioning. They are ready to look after all your heating needs.