A Day in the Life: High Altitude Heating & Air

Step inside the busy yet thrilling world of a High Altitude Heating & Air technician in Colorado Springs, CO. Our days consist of diverse and engaging tasks spread out across our expertise areas, such as Heater Replacement, HVAC Installation, and HVAC Service. Every day offers a new challenge and opportunity to keep our community warm and cool, all year round.

Morning Routine

My day begins around 7 a.m. After a quick cup of coffee and a team meeting, I check my schedule for the day. I might be performing an HVAC Installation for a new office building, offering HVAC Service to a long-term customer, or perhaps carrying out a crucial Heater Replacement in the midst of a chilly Colorado winter.

When I’m assigned to a Heater Replacement job, I ensure that I have all the necessary equipment and parts packed and ready in my company vehicle. Attention to detail is crucial because anything missed can cause delays which we strive to avoid. Our customers’ comfort and satisfaction are paramount.

Mid-Days Highs

By late morning, I’m usually finishing up the first job and heading to the next. It could be an HVAC Service call in the north side of Colorado Springs, inspecting an HVAC unit, performing maintenance, or troubleshooting problems. During these services, the goal is to ensure the system’s efficiency and longevity, which ultimately saves our customers money and brings peace of mind.

Afternoons typically involve installing or repairing HVAC units. This may be tedious at times, but the results are always rewarding. Completing an HVAC Installation entails a lot of steps like setting up the main unit, connecting ductwork, wiring the system, and ensuring everything runs smoothly. A single project might take a few days to complete, but our end goal is to provide a reliable system that will last for years.

Wrapping Up

The end of the day usually involves an overview of the work completed, followed by arranging the necessary tools for the next day’s tasks. Then it’s back to our main office to check out and share any significant events. At High Altitude Heating & Air, we pride ourselves on a job well done and a community kept comfortable. Every day is a new adventure, and our dedicated team is always looking forward to the next. Click here to learn more about our services.