A Day in the Life at Welzig Heating & Air

In the world of HVAC services, life certainly is never dull. And at Welzig Heating & Air, we’ve got variety by the bucketful. Here’s a glimpse into a day in the life of a team member at our company.

Each day kicks off with a team huddle. Here, we discuss plans and chores for the day. This includes anything from HVAC installation to furnace services. We look at our schedule and identify opportunities to ensure every client has a comfortable and cozy home or office.

Our Main Services: HVAC and Furnace Service

We at Welzig Heating & Air take pride in being HVAC and furnace service experts. We tend to spend quite a bit of our day either installing new HVAC systems or maintaining existing ones. This means diagnosing potential issues, conducting necessary repairs, or even performing routine maintenance to ensure everything runs smoothly. HVAC Service is more than just a simple ‘fix it and leave’ – it’s about ensuring people are safe and comfortable.

Seeing as many of our customers are located in Boulder, CO, Louisville, CO, Lafayette, CO, & Longmont, CO, we spend a fair bit of our day driving from one location to another. We view this as a great opportunity to explore these beautiful cities – taking in the sights and sounds as we speed by. Being able to serve these communities is part of what makes our job so rewarding.

AC and Heating Installation

The latter part of our day is often spent on AC and heating installations. This entails understanding the layout of a property, discussing options with homeowners, and implementing the best possible configuration. It’s a task that requires both technical acuity and creative problem-solving. But at the end of it, when we see a job well done, it’s worth all of the effort.

Regardless of the task at hand – be it an AC installation or a furnace repair, our focus is always on providing first-rate service. Seeing our customers’ relief and happiness is the best part of our day.

Signing off after a Fulfilling Day

As dusk falls and our workday comes to an end, we head home knowing we’ve done our best. A day in the life of an employee at Welzig Heating & Air is filled with laughter, hard work, and the joy of making homes comfortable. Each day brings new opportunities and experiences, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.