Welcome to the Epicenter of Cool: Tradition Central Air, Inc

Here’s something to tickle your groove…in the scorching zones of Inwood, Auburndale, Wahneta, Cypress Gardens, Lake Wales, and Winter Haven in FL, there’s one name re-defining cool, and it’s not the Snowman. It’s Tradition Central Air, Inc.!

The Cold Connoisseurs

Being experts in Central AC Service and Air Conditioning Replacement, we cool homes faster than you say “Ice cream!” We don’t just moonwalk into your homes, replace your air conditioning and zip out. No, siree! We inspect, ponder, customize a solution, and then get to work.

More than AC Installations

Ever heard of an AC Company also being a Heating Service provider? Well, in the world of Tradition Central Air, Inc., anything is possible. We provide efficient and reliable heating services that make Lake Wales folks forget it’s winter! We are more than just your regular Air Conditioning Service in Winter Haven. We’re the Ultimate Climate Companions!

So folks, join the cool and cozy train, and let’s all bask in the glory of perfect climates with Tradition Central Air, Inc.!