Your Comprehensive Guide to Enjoyable Activities Around our Service Locations

There’s no denying that our service areas in Boswell, Acme, Latrobe, Loyalhanna, Derry, and Ligonier, PA serve as excellent bases from which to explore numerous attractions and enjoy various activities in Pennsylvania. From interesting historical sites, beautiful parks, entertaining shows, to excellent dining options, you’ll truly appreciate these places while we at Highlands Quality Climate Control handle your plumbing, AC repair or furnace maintenance needs.

In your station around Boswell, be sure to check out the rich history of the area. For those in Acme, enjoy the lush settings of the local parks. While we take care of your furnace maintenance or plumbing service in Boswell or Acme, grab your hiking boots, and hit the trails!

When you’re opened up to AC repair in Latrobe, and Loyalhanna, take full advantage of the opportunity to enjoy the local cuisine. There are numerous markets and highly-rated restaurants offering remarkable dining options to suit all tastes.

Should you have an electrical service or air conditioning replacement scheduled in Ligonier and Derry, why not take in a culture blast? Our team will efficiently complete the job allowing you enough time to explore museums, participate in fun-filled festivals, or catch a wonderful performance at the local community theatre.

Do something different while you entrust us with your home or office’s climate control. What are you waiting for, let’s explore the fun things around our service locations. Enjoy the best of Pennsylvania while we ensure your home or office’s comfort!