Mastering the Basics of Air Conditioner Maintenance

Understanding the basic operations of your air conditioner can be a game-changer during those scorching hot summer months. Although professional assistance from a reputable company like Ferran Services should be your go-to for Air Conditioner Installations, Air Conditioner Repair Services, AC System Repairs and Cooling System Services, a good grasp on some easy maintenance tips can bridge the gap between professional checks and ensure you’re always running at peak performance.

First and foremost, the proper installation of your air conditioning unit is essential. It’s imperative that your unit is correctly leveled to ensure optimal drainage. Inappropriate installations can lead to inefficient cooling, leakages and system failures more often than anticipated. It’s always better to rely on professionals in Lake Mary, FL, Winter Park, FL, Volusia, FL, and Orlando, FL to ensure that your AC unit is installed while adhering to all the required guidelines.

Even if there are no glaring issues, regular maintenance of your air conditioner is beneficial. One of the most basic, yet crucial components to check on are your AC filters. An unchecked filter can drastically reduce your system’s efficiency by blocking the normal airflow and reducing its efficiency. Make it a habit to clean or replace filters once every two months when you use your AC unit regularly. Regardless, having a professional AC System Repairs team look over your system can ensure optimal functioning.

The condenser coil and evaporator coil, significant parts of your AC unit, also require regular attention. These coils collect dirt over time which can reduce air flow and impede the coil’s ability to absorb heat. It is advisable to check these areas annually.

Another key aspect of AC maintenance is coil fins. The aluminium fins on evaporator and condenser coils can easily bend, which could block airflow through the coil. You can buy a tool called a ‘fin comb’ to revert these fins back to their original condition.

Remember that these tips should supplement your regular, professional maintenance for your cooling systems, especially since the complexity of these systems is often best addressed by those specifically trained in this industry. In case you live around areas like Windermere, FL and Oviedo, FL and need professional Cooling System Services or AC Repairs, do not hesitate to reach out to Ferran Services. Our team of professionals will ensure that your AC unit works efficiently throughout the year.

With a little understanding and care, your AC unit can perform at its best extending its lifespan while minimizing the risk of breakdowns. Thus, it is important to follow these DIY tips while also ensuring periodic checks from professionals. This combination will ensure you’re working with a fully functional, efficient cooling system year-round.

Remember, a little maintenance goes a long way!