Harness the Power of a Properly Maintained HVAC System: A Professional Guide by ATS Mechanical

Being in business for years, ATS Mechanical shares an insider’s perspective on efficient HVAC services and AC installation to benefit homeowners in Cypress, The Woodlands TX, and beyond.

Established since 1993, our expertise seeps through the extensive knowledge of HVAC systems’ ins and outs. Our wealth of experience underpins our top-of-the-range services, ensuring your HVAC operates at its optimal functionality consistently.

A well-maintained HVAC system can enhance comfort levels remarkably at homes and workplaces. Below are some DIY tips from the ATS in-house experts that you can use prior to contacting a professional:

1. Regularly Clean and Replace Filters: One of the simplest yet most effective methods to maintain your HVAC system’s efficiency is regularly cleaning or replacing your filters. Depending on the unit and usage, some filters may need an replacement every one to three months. Performing this task can boost effectiveness by 15%.

2. Clear the HVAC Area: Ensure that your HVAC system’s outdoor unit has at least 2-feet of clear space on all sides. Remove any leaves, branches, or clutter that could block the airflow and diminish the system’s efficiency.

3. Inspect and Clean the Coils: The coil’s job is to absorb heat, and a dirty coil does not absorb heat efficiently. Cleaning the outdoor coils is exceptionally crucial, especially during the high usage periods.

4. Inspect for Leaks: Inspect your system for any refrigerant leaks. It is critical for the system’s efficiency to maintain the correct amount of refrigerant charge.

5. Installation Tips: For new installation, it should be installed in a shaded spot on the eastern or northern side of the home where it would receive less direct sunshine.

Remember, while you may be capable of executing these DIY tips, always consult with a professional to avoid any potential mistakes or mishaps. For most ventilation systems, it is recommended to schedule a professional maintenance check at least once every six months.

At ATS Mechanical, we are committed to providing quality AC installation and top-notch HVAC services in Cypress, The Woodlands TX & surrounding areas. So why wait? Call us today to book a service and brace yourself to enjoy the benefits of efficient HVAC operation.