Zine Project: Cell194. I'm working on a new project, an alternative punk-is zine, with satirical and surrealist content. If there is anyone interested in contributing, contact me.contact: keithbrighouse@yahoo.com






In The Subway. 



Everyone has a secret life. An underground investigation into alternative subterranean life styles. The future is now. See how you might live in the future because the future is already happening to other people. It could have happened to someone you know and you could be next.




I am starting a career as an influencer, promoting life style and fashion. This will include a true alternative zine for people with tight budgets to none existent. Production values will be low but the aim is to have quality life style content.


Want to be a part of this? This would interest creative people who are enthusiastic at being part of something, rather than earning money. I see this project as self financing at best but if by some miracle there is a profit to be earned, that would change obviously. A sense of humour would be an attribute worth having, as well as generally being a loser, in a world where in the future, we will all be losers. 


contact me.




left: Rania Ahmed promoting white cotton knickers.


Boris & Betty Badd, the Badd couple who are bad at being bad.


The comic strip Boris and Betty Badd first appeared in an online zine called Oysters And Chocolate back in the early 00s and then appeared in several small journals, which are now all defunct. I have always toyed with the idea of resurrecting the characters as I so enjoyed drawing them. With this zine project, I think there is an opportunity to bring the characters back to life, rather than have them gathering dust in the proverbial drawer.