video work

I often make art videos with a punk aesthetic. When I first started making videos  I just wanted to experiment with a DSLR and later a simple video camera. Eventually I began to get frustrated with my basic equipment but I was unable to afford better equipment. In the end I decided to make a virtue of the basic equipment and work within its restrictions. The types of video I make range from short dramas, performance, absurdist shorts and poetry videos. Below are just a few examples of various types of work.

Julia Works

the Julia Works has been exhibited several times and are a series of four dance videos made in collaboration with Spanish modern dancer Julia Gómez Avilés. Each video was inspired by a poem I wrote  and interpreted by Julia. Later I changed the soundtracks on Contraption and She Is A Poem.


Yukiko is a Japanese style ghost story I wrote. It was made one cold night in Scheveningen, Holland, thanks to friends Miya Sato, Kees de Vries and Tom Rust. It was largely improvised to a basic script due to many unforeseen problems. The fact it was finished in one night was something of a feat.

The Sad Side Of Happiness

The Sad Side Of Happiness was an improvised collaboration featuring model Meer, when she and her partner were guests at my place when I lived in England. Everything was decided on the moment. I set the stage up and gave Meer brief instructions and left her to it as I videoed her.


The video for Kakkerlakker features Rebecca Tun. I'd just finished videoing for a poetry drama featuring Rebecca called Muse (on the poetry page), when I asked her if she would mind making a few extra shots for an idea I had.  Friend Willem Cramer late made the soundtrack for me.

Drawing Miya

Artist Erwin Schenkel drawing model Miya Sato in a bedsit in Rotterdam I lived in for a time. While the event was not spontaneous because all three of us had to meet, everything else was decided on the spur of the moment. including Erwin's drawing and Miya's posing. 

In Conversation With Miya Sato

Miya having worked several times with me on various projects, we had chatted a lot about photography and performance art. I thought I would try my hand at making a short interview about her motivations.