the daily throwaway is an ongoing project, if project is the right word, it is more an ongoing activity. My aim is to make at least one quick 15-20min ink drawing a day about something which momentarily occupies my mind or something I'm artistically interested in at the time. , which means drawings can be about politics or some abstract or minimalist idea. With these drawings, I'm not trying to make any great artistic statement, quite the opposite, they are after all mainly intuitive and spontaneous, which is why I call them 'throwaways'. Today's newspaper, tomorrow's chip paper as we used to say when I was young or alternatively, today's newspaper, tomorrow's toilet paper. 


The original idea was to actually throw the drawings away, they were a way of forcing myself to produce work when I was lazy. I would finish the drawings, then throw them to the side ready to gather them up in a rubbish bag and throw them away. However, when I got round to throwing them away, I realised the sheer number of them created an interesting context so I decided the group the drawings into series. 

series 1. figurative


these drawings are mainly political or absurdities, mainly inspired by the nonsense we call daily news.



series 2. minimalist


these drawings are mainly minimalist work. I really do these when I have an empty head and I'm really just interested in the physical process of making the work and the purely visual result.