My videos are an important part of my work. Like my drawings and paintings, my films are irreverent, absurdist and often surreal with a punk aesthetics. Some are narrative driven with dialogue, some dance and movement and some just to showcase my poetry. Most are improvised or when with dialogue, filmed with little or no rehearsal. Though I write the scripts or have the initial idea, my direction is minimal, allowing the performers I'm working with to express themselves. I thank all the performers and collaborators who worked with me on these projects for their efforts and patience and for not complaining when I often took advantage of their good nature and time. These works are what they are, they need no explanation, they are there for you to make of them what you will.

film: Muse featuring Rebecca Tun


This video was made in 2015 in Rotterdam and made over two session. I had written the script sometime before around 2012. It appears a simple script but it was difficult to find someone who could actually act and was comfortable with the nudity.


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