photo gel paintings: these paintings are made from photo gel transfers, texts and an expressive application of paint. They were made during 2017-18 and were really a formal exercise that was through chance presented to me. They are something contained within and of themselves.

anthropmorphic: I have often used anthrophomorphism as a device throughout my work. This has always been an intuitive device rather than an intellectual choice. These works have been made sporadically over the years.




portraits: in 2005 I visited Japan with my wife and daughter and while there I visited an art centre called DesignFesta. while there I made a series of photos and drawings of female artists who were exhibiting there.  On return, again as usual, I responded to an urge to make etchings and paintings of the artists I had met. all are anonymous portraits and for some reason I found this important, as though I was recording something ethereal, the temporariness of strangers passing through one's life.




landscape: I've very rarely wandered into landscape painting but moving from England to the Netherlands in early 2000s, I responded to an emotional urge to paint landscapes of my youth when I used to walk the fells in the Peak District and the Pennines. I have no explanation for this urge but I often think if you can explain something, there is no need to make art about it.