This is a current project and a work in progress. The idea is to produce a periodical erotic/surreal/satirical zine, with two or three editions being produced per year. 


While most of the work in the first edition will be my work, I will be including guest contributors with the hope that the zine will eventually be an art/culture zine full of the work of guest contributors.


If you would like to contribute work or even sponsor the zine, please contact me at



Laura, pocket sized and wearing

practical white cotton knickers

snug, practical, never to let her down

just like the ones granny used to buy her

now left neatly folded in a drawer

abandoned, like an adolescent's angst filled diary

for flimsy triangles of tissue cloth

bikini briefs, hipsters, French cut, thongs

or more kink and perversion on request

they once told me they gon 'call me a whore anyway

I read on her instagram







the first line drawn, you follow it like a thread

from when the first caveman eyed the first cavewoman

did he feel the beast inside, well up through knotted gut

and disperse his modicum of abstract thought

then take a charcoal from the fire, did he begin to draw 

those parts of her that interested him most

that displayed her fecundity, breasts, rump and thigh


'Slow down. You're driving like an arsehole.' Remarked Lucinda. Aware should she emphasise her concern too strongly she would only urge me on to greater speed. I carried on regardless but kept at a steady speed. I had no intention of losing control of the car, end up off the road and prove her right. We ploughed on into the storm. My nerves were alight as I drove on the edge of my skill. I felt like my whole body was glowing and was being charged up by the electric in the air.

'Take your clothes off.' I demanded. Not knowing myself where the command came from. 

'What?!' She looked at me with a sour face 'You must be mad'

'I said. Take your clothes off.' I repeated the command, trying hard not to lose my temper.

'No.' She said as she returned to staring blankly at the windscreen.




I'm a cat on a mat that will scratch

a stretch of chewing gum, my belly

taut between rib and hip, elongated limbs

tipped with protracted claws, I'm sure

he sees this as my come and take me pose

an invitation for him to fall into my arms

but I'll hook him with my claws, toy with him

like a captured bird to a playful cat

before it becomes irritable and bored

slaps its prey with a paw, then dispatches it 

with a single bite to the neck