Government In Exile

A one off comic that was a response to my frustration with inequality and social and economic injustice we see all around us.


Ranter is a new creation and knows everything, more than you and I ever will, more than Einstein ever did. You can't tell Ranter anything he doesn't know already, no matter how early you get up in the morning, it won't be before Ranter.

The Gaylien Files

The Gaylien Files is a one off comic. It was fun to make but with the amount of work necessary, without the returns necessary to apportion so much of my time to it, it languished in the possible resurrection for a future project box, where it still is.

Boris & Betty Badd, the Badd couple who are bad at being bad.  Boris & Betty Badd was first published in an erotic ezine about 20 years ago and then published in several small publications, mainly in America, all now defunct, as these things inevitably go. I've such an affection for the couple, I keep playing with the idea of resurrecting them but I never seem to have the time. If I am honest, maybe it is the lack of financial motivation but who knows, maybe it will happen one day.