Government in Exile zines are booklets and pamphlets are all individual projects with no relationship to each other, other than the artist. 


I'll happily sell booklets and zines to people who contact me. However, in 2022, I plan to attend zine fairs in the Netherlands, with a possibility of Belgium and the border areas of Germany. I'll post news of events I'll be attending along with dates on this page and on social media when I have fixed plans. 


Comic & Zines

Government In Exile



Government In Exile is a political satirical zine with comic strips and ink drawings.


32 pages


€10 + €2.50 p&p within the EU

(inquire for outside the EU)


The Gaylien Files



The Gaylien Files is a comic strip which is more for laughs than satire but not entirely. 


28 pages


€10 + €2.50 p&p within the EU

(inquire for outside the EU)


Poetry Books


The Dead Centre Of The Universe And Other Places


The Dead Centre Of The Universe And Other Places is a collection of poems that were written and accumulated over the years. Memories of places, people and general musings. (larger 2nd edition)  


(sample) Old Fart


€10 + €2.50 p&p within the EU





Muse is a collection of erotic poetry both from the narrator's point of view and from the perspective of an artist's muse. The poems are both experience and fictions but it is difficult to say where experience ends and fiction starts. Celebratory, lusty, cynical and love weary, these poems are sexual relationships with daggers.


sample poem: Maggie

€10 + €2.50 p&p within the EU


Photography Zines 


Inside Out Upside Down


Inside Out Upside Down is a form of anti-art photography. A hybrid of analogue and digital work. Analogue negatives are damaged  through several methods from actively damaging the negatives through to neglecting them. The results are then scanned.


€12 + €2.50 p&P within the EU


samples images



Handmade books and zines will be displayed soon