A series of etchings made in summer 2019, inspired by photos of various roadkill collected by artist Anne van Dalen



Headz was a series of two plate etching 15cm x 20cm made with a pop art sensibility which were exhibited at the Pulchri, Den Haag in 2013 thanks to an invitation by painter Joop van 't Hoenderdaal. They have since been  in several other group exhibitions since. They represent one of the few times I have ventured into multi-plate colour etching.


Life Drawing 


While I have never consistently drawn from life through the years, I've often returned to it and I've always enjoyed both the discipline and the satisfaction of the craft and trying to elevate the craft into an art. The failure in one's goal in this endeavour is not the point, it is the motivation to keep trying.


Occasionally I create etchings from my drawings as the one illustrated here of Flo, which is one of several images from the same drawing session.



Three Portraits


The three portraits below were made from drawings of artists or I think they were artists, which I made when visiting DesignFesta in Tokyo back in 2005. I rather enjoy portraiture, more for the exercise and discipline than having any real artistic ambitions with the genre. However, I've always felt some affinity these three portraits, probably because pleasant memories of my visit.