Wicked Tales


Wicked Tales was a series of twelve etchings 15cm x 20cm The inspiration and influence for Wicked Tales was a combination of Japanese erotic prints and the dark undertones of western fairy tales. Despite the sophistication of their imagery, Japanese erotic prints were by and large meant to be gratuitous and titillating and to simply create a western version of such imagery would simply miss the point. It is impossible to create images which comment on western sexuality without reference to western ideas about pornography, prudery and sex as sin. In the west we tend to fold sex in layers of meaning to protect ourselves from accusations of perversions and unhealthy sexual appetites. This I find to be truer of so called liberal minds rather than conservative minds, which appear to me to be more honest about their sensitivities of certain attitudes towards sex. We tend to use mental acrobatics to allow us to be interested in what is considered sexually healthy while protecting ourselves from what is considered the sexually reprehensible, while salaciously enjoying both. We can enjoy sex as long as we don’t enjoy it too much. In these prints I have tried to marry this layering of meaning which allows our hypocrisy by using serious allegory to justify the titillating. However, it is not for me to explain my images, to do so would make them redundant, though I think it impossible to explain them, which is the whole point of creating them in the first place. This introduction is just the general background to my thinking while making this imagery.


Death's Erotic Tour


Death's Erotic Tour was a series of ten prints 15cm x 20cm, which were first exhibitied at Cafe de Komedie in Rotterdam in 2013. Several of the series were later exhibited in Amsterdam and Berlin.


A lot of my work over the years has involved the dual subjects sex and death, it really is something I can't escape. Each image was taken from historic erotic images from various cultures with the male figure replaced by a cadaver figure which has often reappeared in my work over the years.


The Garden 


The Garden was a series of six etchings 20cm x 24cm, first exhibited at Kunstcafe Gommers in Delfshaven Rotterdam. Later they were exhibited in Amsterdam and Berlin.


The other work exhibited were mainly larger individual etchings, which were also erotic in nature. Though I use term erotic reluctantly because everyone responds differently to images and not everyone finds the same images erotic.