Born in Liverpool 1955 and grew up in a small mining town in South Yorkshire. After an apprenticeship at the local pit, I travelled round Europe for a few years, doing all sorts of mindless jobs, filed under experience. Studied art at Rotterdam Academie voor Beeldenden Kunsten and sculpture at Sheffield City Polytechnic. Now resident in Leeuwarden.

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It would seem churlish having a website and not write something about my work so with the hope of not being boring or seeming too self obsessed, I’ll try and put a little context to the work on this site. The medium and the process is often more important to me than the subject. I enjoy the process of work far more than promoting it, which is a little foolish. After all if art isn't about communication of some sort, what is it for? That said, I'm drawn to the erotic, the absurd, the ridiculous, the satirical, the surreal, the weirdness and strangeness of things. I should also add, the political but that also incorporates the same list of adjectives. I am not interested in the other worldly but more the feeling that something isn't quite what it should be, a facsimile over a facsimile, entering a room where the furniture has shifted. The art work on this website is my current obsession.


My poetry maps my moods and obsessions, my observations of the world, like a mirror it reflects. One can't escape oneself, the more one looks out, the more one reveals what's inside. The more I try to escape myself, the more I capture myself. What started out as a distraction ends up being an obsession. I don't think I am unique in this, my work is just what I do with this experience.


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