I was born in Liverpool 1955 and grew up in a small mining town in South Yorkshire. I did an apprenticeship at the local pit before travelling round Europe. I studied art at Rotterdam Academy van Beeldenden Kunst and sculpture at Sheffield City Polytechnic. I am now resident in Leeuwarden.

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I’m never sure about the wisdom of an artist discussing their work as it often leads to cold intellectual analysis and pigeon holing oneself. I am neither a scientist nor a philosopher when I am making art, I want to by-pass my intellect and work with my gut feelings. This allows me to later reflect on the results and analyse the outcomes. My digesting of the results then informs my future work. 

That said, having created a website to display my work or at least some of it, it would seem churlish not to write something. So with the hope of not being boring or seeming too self obsessed, I’ll try and put a little context to the work on this site. I am as much interested in the formal qualities of art as I am in its intellectual ideas, both are important, even when disregarded.  Other than that, I'm drawn to the absurd, the ridiculous, the surreal, the weirdness and strangeness of things. I should also add, the political but that also incorporates the same list of adjectives. I am not interested in the other worldly but the feeling that something isn't quite what it should be, a facsimile over a facsimile, entering a room where the furniture has shifted.


When making this site I pondered over what to display on it, how to market myself. Eventually after tiring of uploading and deleting work over and over again, reinventing myself online as though I was marketing a product, I thought sod it, put a load of work up that is a true representation of what I've been making over the last decade. Like any artist, I notice the same obsessive subjects come round over and over again as my goldfish brain swims around its bowl. One thing that has been consistent since I wrote my thesis 'The Art In Anti-Art' at college many decades ago, is an attraction to a punk aesthetic.   

The work on this site has all been made from 2010 onwards. This is not when I started to make art. That started way back as a child.  The reason for that date is that before 2010, I had a hiatus in making art for a couple of years, the reasons of which, are just too boring to go into. This is not to say that in 2010 my work took off at a tangent with no relationship of what went before.  The same subjects have constantly reappeared in my work time and time again. Unlike commissioned work or design, I think if you are interested in expressing yourself, you can’t choose your subjects, the subject chooses you.


I hope you enjoy the work on this site and  whether you are an artist or just have an interest in art, please feel free to contact me.